The call for nominations for the 2025 AES Board of Directors is now open! AES seeks nominations for Second Vice President, Board Member-at-Large, Nominating Committee Member-at-Large, and Treasurer-Elect.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 1 at 6:00 PM ET.



AES uses the Board nomination process to identify an effective leadership team. The process is open and transparent to ensure fresh ideas on the leadership team while maintaining continuity and insight into the Society's functions. The Nominating Committee recognizes that diversity of experience and background is a pillar of AES culture that enriches AES decision-making.

During the nomination period, AES members are invited to nominate themselves or other involved, qualified members for open positions. Only members in the Active and Professional categories are eligible to hold elected office and vote.  Members currently serving in senior leadership roles for the Society, that is, chair or co-chair of a Council or committee, or associate, senior, or chief editor of Epilepsy Currents, whose terms will not expire before January 1, 2025, are not eligible for consideration.

Key Competencies

  • Exemplify and internalize AES core values
  • Collaborate across boundaries
  • Strategic and critical thinkers
  • Proven fiscal proficiency


  • Second Vice President: Active or Professional member with prior service on the Board as a full voting member.  Current Board members are eligible if they will complete their current term by December 31 of the current year.
  • Board Member-At-Large: Active or Professional member with prior service as a council or committee chair, and/or involved service as a member of a committee. 
  • Nominating Committee Member-at-Large: Active or Professional member with prior service on the Board, and/or as an involved committee chair or active committee member. The ideal candidate is a visionary and a practical thinker who understands the AES strategic plan and can identify people and ideas that will have a critical long-term impact on the direction of the Society.  
  • Treasurer-Elect: Active or Professional member with prior service on the Board of Directors either as an elected member or in an ex officio capacity by virtue of service as chair of a Council or committee reporting to the Board. Candidates should have experience and expertise in areas of financial management and oversight.


Time Commitment

  • Second Vice President: Prepares for and participates in weekly one-hour Executive Committee calls, nine monthly 1-hour Board conference calls, three in-person one and one-half-day Board meetings and three 1-hour Board update calls with committee chairs and vice chairs. Serves as vice chair of the Governance Committee and chair of the Professionalism Committee, which meet on an as-needed basis, and performs other leadership assignments.  The one-year term begins 1/01/2025 and ends 12/31/2025, followed by a one-year term as First Vice President, then a one-year term as President of the American Epilepsy Society, and finally, a one-year term as Immediate Past President.
  • Board Members-at-Large: Requires participating and preparing for monthly Board conference calls and three in-person Board meetings annually. The three-year term begins 1/01/2025 and ends 12/31/2027.
  • Nominating Committee Member-at-Large: Prepares for and participates in at least three calls, generally between March and August, with the possibility of one in-person meeting for the development of the final slate.  The three-year term begins 1/01/2025 and ends 12/31/2027.
  • Treasurer-Elect: Works with the Treasurer during the Treasurer's final year.  The Treasurer is a Board officer.  As Treasurer-Elect and then as Treasurer, the time commitment includes attending weekly Executive Committee meetings, monthly Board meetings, Board updates with committee chairs and vice chairs, and financial-driven committee meetings including Budget and Audit, Development, Finance, and the Lennox and Lombroso Fund Trustees. Each year between March and May in preparing the budget, there are four calls with the CEO and two calls with the Budget and Audit Committee.  There are two to three calls with the Finance Committee and investment advisors to monitor Society financials.


Conflict of Interest

AES subscribes to the Council on Medical Subspecialties (CMSS) code of interaction with companies and requires all officers and members of the Board of Directors to abide by these codes as incorporated in AES policy—complying fully within one year of appointment.


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